About the Books

Discover An Outstanding Resource For Teaching Spanish.

Introducing Cultural Lessons en Español book and Cultural Lessons en Español student workbook.  Written by Adriana M. Amaro, an experienced educator, these two exciting books significantly enrich Spanish Language and Culture instruction.

Just as vocabulary words expand students’ fluency in Spanish, lessons based on both Spanish culture and other cultures in non-Spanish speaking countries helps to expand their minds. Gradually introducing culture into language helps children put words into context.

Simply put, there is nothing like these books anywhere! Cultural Lessons en Español book and student workbook will surely become valuable tools in your Spanish language curriculum.

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Cultural Lessons en Español Features Important Advantages:

  • Helps students discover both Spanish language and culture at the same time


  • Offers simple, fun, and engaging lessons for grades Kindergarten through 8th grade


  • Features easy-to-follow activities with beautiful illustrations


  • Includes activities which mirror the school year, featuring a wide variety of holidays, observances, and significant cultural sites, such as Machu Picchu and La Alhambra


  • Enables a more enriching approach to teaching Spanish language


  • Ideal for teachers, educators, and parents, and anyone involved in Spanish language instruction


  • Affordable price of $19.95 makes it a great value


Why the Workbook?

  •  Perfect for homeschoolers


  • Makes a great gift from grandparents to grandkids


  • Only $19.95 for over 115 activities